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VAC Truck & Trailer Services

Compactable Fill

VAC Truck & Trailer Services

IES works closely with both owner/operators and contractors to provide both the aquisition and transfer of non-contaminated materials or the transportation and proper disposal of contaminated materials, groundwater, sludge and deposits, or other waste matter via a wide range of available and safe collection processes. IES can provide its services by the load or by the weight/ton. IES provides specific proposals per job so that total costs are transparent, specific to the job, and approved in advance by the client.

IES partners with cleaning contractors to vacuum out deposits from tanks during cleaning operations. We also work with site-work contractors to clean up fuel, oils, and hydraulic fluid spills which can occur from from refueling, lube truck operations or construction equipment breakdowns and malfunctions. We also partner with remediation contractors to clean out silt accumulations from storm drain systems and also to clean out storm management ponds and impoundments.

IES can transfer clean product from one trailer to another. We pump down tanks (or other vessels) prior to cleaning by working with cleaning crews to vacuum out sludge and deposits from tank bottoms during cleaning process. Pump off contaminated waste from retention ponds, surface impoundments, and much more.

We offer equipment that can handle anything from regular construction site water to petroleum impacted waters. Our services meet the needs from your everyday homeowner with heating oil tanks to large commercial organizations and government facilities.

We are available to take your calls and would be happy to speak with you.