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Providing the most cost-effective solutions for contaminated and hazardous soil remediation &  groundwater remediation.

We are a soil remediation company that offers soil recycling, soil treatment, beneficial re-use, Landfill and other disposal and environmental remediation options, customized to fit your needs.

soil remediation company

Environmental Remediation

Innovative Earth Solutions (IES) provides environmental remediation services and solutions, specializing in soil remediation, including the transportation and disposal of contaminated soil and non-hazardous material. Treatment of contaminated, hazardous soil and groundwater.

As a soil treatment company we also supply clean topsoil, clean fill dirt, and compactible fill dirt.

We integrate the use of innovative services and technologies for the remediation of contaminated sites to provide our clients with effective and cost-efficient solutions to groundwater contamination and soil recycling, disposal, and restoration.

IES client base spans the eastern seaboard encompassing New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), Washington DC, Virginia (VA), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC).

IES is an approved sub-contractor with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

We take pride in our reputation for dependability and providing innovative services and technologies. We enjoy continuous relationships with our clients.
Honesty, integrity and respect are the benchmarks with which we conduct business.

Honesty, integrity and respect are the benchmarks with which we conduct business.
soil remediation company


Innovative Earth Solutions, LLC will figure out the most cost-effective solution with each project. Should you require treatment or disposal of groundwater and soil our goal is to provide you the best cost with meeting all your scheduling requirements.

Our business model is to exceed your expectations with providing you the best possible services.

soil remediation company


We work with a pool of carriers along with our own transportation company to ensure your material is delivered safely. We also ensure that all your documentation is correct with each facility to track every load.


IES, LLC offers barging of your material and provides a wide range of towing and barge chartering. We can customize loading, towing and able to provide unloading services along with disposal. Our services consist of the near coastal and inland waters from New Jersey to the Carolina’s.

Aggregate Delivery

When embarking on any construction job, whether it be a parking lot or a building, a solid foundation is paramount. Achieving this entails the use of raw materials known as aggregates, which consist of stone, sand, or gravel and are essential to any build.


Perhaps the most important aspect in our business with Innovative is that we sincerely trust that the core of their business model is to figure out the most cost effective solutions to each project’s disposal needs and then pass this value on to the Owner. This has been demonstrated repeatedly on our projects and we are confident in our recommendation of Innovative Earth Solutions.

Innovative Earth Solutions has provided transportation and disposal of contaminated soils on several of our projects over the past ten years. Jack DiGangi has been instrumental in researching potential disposal sites in coordination with the soils engineers and obtaining the necessary approvals in a very timely manner.

Innovative Earth Solutions was able to complete their services of transportation and disposal in less than half the time we anticipated which saved us time and money. Our loader operators had no down time with the efficient scheduling of the large amount of trucks. Please notice the recent invoice we paid in full with a bonus added for a job well done.

Jack and his people are highly professional and provide a hands on management experience assuring that once the removal begins, it will be coordinated closely with the day-to-day construction activities in order that the excavation proceed smoothly and that all necessary manifests and paperwork are obtained without issue.

It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional and dependable staff that Innovative Earth Solutions has. We have some projects that will be requiring your services soon and I will call you with the details.
· Innovative Earth Solutions, LLC always presents its’ projects with a high level of professionalism, providing required documentation with each project presented.

We would like to thank Innovative Earth Solutions, LLC for a project recently completed in Easton Maryland. You had staff on site which was not part of the contract to start the project off as well as reliable and professional truckers throughout the entire project.

The purpose of this letter is to show Innovative Earth Solutions our appreciation for the successful completion of our project in Chestertown, Maryland. In handling the transportation and disposal of approximately 9,100 tons of petroleum- contaminated soils. The close contact prevented any delays associated with the removal of this material Trucks and manifest were invariably on-site and on-time as requested.

We are available to take your calls and would be happy to speak with you.