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Compactable Fill

Innovative Earth Solutions Offers Clean, Compactable Fill

With construction projects, a solid foundation is one of the most critical components. A solid base is vital for not only the building of the structure but ensuring its long life enduring geotechnical conditions and changes. Building pads, road and parking lot bases and concrete slabs all require a solid foundation. Clean, compactable fill materials are essential to this process. If fill is not clean, and contains organic materials that can erode or disintegrate, this can cause collapse in parts of the foundation, which can reduce the structural integrity and lead to potential damage. Most damage to concrete is due to improperly prepared subgrade.

Compactable fill can be most commonly found in the form of dirt or sand. Clean fill dirt will hold its place and can continue to do so for many years. Fill dirt must be clean to ensure the absence of contaminants and chemicals. Fill dirt is best used for large construction projects, where the foundation must be solid immovable.

Fill sand has a much higher compaction rating than fill dirt. Sand can be displaced by external forces, so its application needs to be such that it is not exposed to anything that could disturb it. Sand is also better for drainage and percolation. The best applications for sand are pond fills and septic tank tanks.

Innovative Earth specializes in provided this clean and compactable fill, through the process of sampling and soil remediation, cleaning and redistributing various types of aggregates. From the testing to the processing and transportation, we can help in all phases of the process.

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