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Provide Topsoil & Clean Fill Material

Compactable Fill

Provide Topsoil & Clean Fill Material

In areas that are not sustaining vegetation, or need to fill before planting, we can provide clean fill material. Subsoil, (or fill, as it is commonly referred), is more economical than topsoil. What differentiates it is that it is not organic material. It can be screened or unscreened, depending on the end use of the material. A swimming pool foundation would be a use case for unscreened, or “clean fill”. The unscreened option would be sufficient because the inground pool is often deep enough (roughly 6 feet deep), that debris such as stones, will not have any impact. Screened fill can be used the same way that unscreened fill is used, however, with the added benefit that it does not contain debris larger than 3/4 of an inch. Screened material is best for the homeowner who is manually implementing the soil because it is a more fine and usable material, whereas unscreened can have rather large pieces of debris sometimes 8 inches in diameter.

Another common scenario is the need to fill an area, and top dress it with topsoil.. Topsoil is still used, however only for the surface layer. The clean fill material resides beneath.

IES can provide topsoil and clean fill material for any job large or small. We would be happy to talk to you about the uniqueness of your project. IES will provide only the best transport of the material needed to assist you in completion of your job.

We are available to take your calls and would be happy to speak with you.