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barging solution

Innovative Earth Solutions Offer a Barging Solution

Innovative Earth Solutions specializes in not only sampling and remediating contaminated bulk materials, including: sand, gravel, gypsum, agricultural soil amendments, and more, but we also provide various means to transport large amounts with our barging solution.

During the planning of this process, sometimes a more efficient route means crossing water, rather than driving around it. With our barging and tug boat service, you can charter a barge for that very purpose. Each charter comes with a captain and full crew. Our barging and tug boat services are offered throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, from Delaware to North Carolina. Whether it be for soil disposal, or soil remediation, cleaning and replacing, we can transport large amounts of soil, water, gypsum, whatever material you need transported.

There are several barges we can offer, here is a sample of one of them.

Barge Specs:

  • LOA: 260′
  • BOA: 52.5′
  • Draft: 12′

Photos were provided by Intracoastal Marine, Inc.

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